Prospecting for THEM: Prospecting for YOU


Typically, when you join a network marketing company, you are asked to make a list of everyone you know and to begin contacting them about your business. This is prospecting for YOU.   (what we DON’T want to do)


99% of the time, unfortunately, this usually turns out to be disastrous. When we are newbies, we aren’t prepared to handle and answer the objections that may come up and it can KILL our excitement and enthusiasm when Grandma Margret asks us if we have gone Mad!


Next time, try this Simi’s Loves way of reaching out… This is prospecting for THEM.

Instead of calling your friends and loved ones and telling them all about your company and opportunity, SPEND TIME FINDING OUT ABOUT THEIR LIFE.


Use F*O*R*M (Thanks to stephen o’seun-oni for a great way to remember!)

— family, occupation, recreation and money (although this one is kinda tough and a lot more personal to tip toe around….)

While you are talking to them, ask them questions about their time with the family, how their job or business is going, what vacations they have planned and if you feel comfortable throw some financial stuff in there. I personally never feel comfortable with this unless the prospect and I have a much closer relationship.

As you ask these questions, REALLY listen to your prospect and listen for areas that are causing them stress in their lives.

–working too many hours, not spending enough time with their family, the possibility of a lay-off, no time or money for vacations, no savings or extra money for investments, etc.

Be a good listener and an even better friend. Sometimes all we need is someone to really Hear us…. BUT also Make note of these stressful areas and when the time is right, present the concept of your opportunity that can HELP them.

Remember…. We are here to love and HELP others.



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