Branding YOU. YOU are your business.


I want to help you start sharing of YOURSELF and Branding YOU.  It truly will make all the difference in success in your MLM.

I think that this is still one of the hardest and stress inducing concepts to grasp when you as a network marketer start thinking about branding YOU instead of the company that you are with.  Maybe that comes from a lack of confidence in ourselves and what WE feel we have to offer.  Or it may be because over all this time it’s the way we have been taught.  And yes, sharing and posting and making the company you are with be your brand has brought success to some, and it has worked for some, but I want to speak to those of my Loves who are struggling.  You are doing your reach outs.  You are doing your social media posts.  You are working your list. But you are feeling so ready to throw in the towel…

I want to help you start to LOVE yourself and share of YOURSELF and Brand YOU.  Once we really get you to grasp this, everything else will start to fall into place.   Are you ready?

Well Keep reading my Loves.

Let’s start with something small…. Let’s start with what a Brand is not.  It is not just a logo or a website name or the color scheme.

YOUR brand is actually the soul of your business… ♥

It is your customer’s total experience with you and your products/services.

It is the thought that pops into people’s mind when they hear YOUR name.

I want to share with you 3 really important things that will help you build a truly authentic and magnetic brand that will convert prospects into customers.

  1. Your Brand is something that no one can take away from you. It is Unique to YOU and only YOU.
  1. You Have to Know Your Ideal partner, whether it be as a consumer or who you want to do business with, BEFORE You Build Your Brand. Me, I am all about the LOVE and helping others and helping people to LOVE their life, and Love their MLM.  Hence… Simi’s Loves.

Think about who YOU want to serve, who you want to work with, who your Target market is before you build your brand.  You want to be sure that your brand is attractive to these types of people.

You need to get the Vison and Mission of your brand tailored so that it makes a MAJOR impact with your ideal audience.   (Follow the LOVE HERE for help coming up with YOUR vision.)

Get to know your target market.  What are their hopes, their fears, their problems.  Once you have figured this out you can Brand yourself into the person so that you will be the one they want to Go To for their needs.

  1. Your Brand Follows You Everywhere.

Since your brand is the soul of your business; It is going to follow you everywhere. When you are having an interaction with a prospect… whether it be in person, over the phone, or in a video text message…they are subconsciously taking in all of the ways that their experience with you (your brand) is making them feel.

You need to make sure that you are always authentic and consistent.  Whether it’s on social media, on a blog, when you are meeting up for coffee, or just chit chatting on the phone.   Humans crave consistency and reliability. When something is reliable, it elicits trust. so when your way of communicating is authentic to who YOU really are, trust will grow. This is oh so important because people tend to do business with and form relationships with those whom they know, like and trust.

So always be consistent.  Always Be authentic.

If you need help building YOUR brand, finding YOUR target market, I am here to help you.  HELP FOR YOU



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