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Should I Post that Awesome Post Now?  How about Now?  Is NOW a better time?


Post that post at the BEST POSTING TIME!

You have spent the better half of your morning coming up with just the right post.  You got the wording down just right and have the PERFECT pic to go along with it.  And you think to yourself, I cannot wait for everyone to see this!  And you click that little POST button.  But wait…  Did you post that post at the BEST TIME.  Yes, you were excited to share.  Yes you had a free moment and figured now was a good time.   Here’s the thing, most of us post when it’s convenient for us, not when the people we are trying to reach are on social media.  So when is The best time to post?

I want you to start changing your thinking. I want you to start thinking about the person you are trying to reach.  I want you to put THEM at the forefront of your mind.  I want you to write your post as if it were a personalized message.  That you mean to touch that one particular individual who is reading it.

I want you to say (if you were Simi) “Hi My Love!” and not “Hi my Loves”  I want you to start talking to that ONE person.  (even if you have 2500 followers who are seeing it)  Post for that one person. Whether it be on Facebook or Instagram.

Did you know that more than 75% of people under 40 reach for their smart phones within 15 minutes of waking up!  I know a TON of people who go to sleep looking at their phones and have it right there in bed next to them!

This means that You, the poster, have only about a 90 minute window for your post to be effective.  And you will know when your world is awake because you will see the posting and liking and sharing has begun.  So make sure that your first post of the day overlaps that 15 minutes that you know they are waking up.

I also want you to think context when you post in specific time windows. Try posting more motivational things in the morning to encourage and posting funnier things at the end of the day.  Try to cheer up those followers of yours who may have had a rough day and need a good giggle to brighten them up.

Usually mid morning doesn’t get a lot of interaction. Most people are busy at work or school. This is one of the problems  some of us “full time” network marketers run in to.  When you work from home on your own schedule, you lose track of time and days.  You stop posting at times when the rest of the real world is up and about.  Most don’t have the luxury of being online 24-7 and have to focus on their careers, not social media.

Put yourself into the life of the non-entrepreneur.  Think about what their schedule is and when they would be up and about.

Here are some other “typical” times:best-time-to-post-on-facebook-770x816

— End of lunch
— Right after Dinner

 — 9:00 typically when Kid’s are in bed 😉
 — Facebook is pretty effective up to 11pm.


Someone recently asked about time zones. I say post based upon the time zone that the majority of your prospects live in.


Don’t overthink it my loves. It’s actually super easy. All you need to do is put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and ask yourself “What are they doing right now.”  If you see them posting on Facebook or interacting, then post….  Be mindful of THEM and everything else will fall into place.

I hope this helps you my Loves….


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