Attraction Marketing in your MLM



What is it?  Why do I need it?

And the #1 question of all….How in the world do I market myself attractively when my hair needs a cut, I don’t remember the last time I applied lipstick and my daily wear of yoga and sweatpants have holes in the knees?  (or am I the only one that seems to have lost her sparkle after having these kids and being behind this computer figuring out how to get my auto responder working in my blog?)

I have fabulous news for you my Loves… Attraction marketing is not how attractive or unattractive we are, but simply, it is a way of communicating that is attractive to others!

But how do I communicate in a way that is attractive to others, you ask?  Well let me start by sharing with you what NOT to do.

  • Social Media Spamming
  • When you post your link to your business/opportunity
  • Do commercial type posts &
  • Only talk about YOUR opportunity

Let me tell you my Loves, Simi here was THE social Media spamming QUEEN!!!  One of my dear friends who will remain nameless told me  “I had to block you on Facebook because I COULD NOT TAKE ONE MORE POST!!!”  Of course I got defensive and thought “Well if they don’t get it I don’t want to be friends with them anyway!”  Huff Puff as I stomped away!  But now that my eyes have been opened, it breaks my heart (and my eyes) to see a ton of Social Media Spammers lighting up Facebook and other platforms every single day.

The super sad thing is that they don’t know any different.  Their up-lines and leaders and sidelines and mentors never learned any different so this has become the “norm” for network marketing.  But really think about it….  REALLY think about it.  If you are posting exactly the same thing about your business or opportunity as everyone else, why should the prospect come to you and choose you to do business with?  YOU, my love, need to be unique.  You need to stand out.  You need to be YOU!!!  Otherwise you are creating a huge gap between yourself and other potential business partners that you could be helping.  If people aren’t able to get to know you through your posts, then they can never fall in love with YOUR style and they will never be open to doing business with YOU.

And THIS is what happens when you start to market yourself attractively.

IMAGINE if when you talked with people, they actually wanted to work with you or be your customer or learn to market like you.

IMAGINE that people would actually call YOU to learn about your product, service, business or marketing…

IMAGINE what that would do for your business…

Attraction Marketing is simply becoming the type of person that people are attracted to. It’s becoming and displaying yourself as a person who will be the first to pop into someone’s mind  when they are in a situation where they need your product, service or opportunity. It will position you as someone that no longer chases people, but people will actually start  coming to you.

When I stopped posting my ‘copy and pastes’ and company verbiage and link all over Facebook and I started to brand ME, ♥ Simi’s Loves ♥, you want to know what happened? People started to message ME.  They started to come to ME and ask for my input.  I was able to start really helping others.  I started to be of huge value to them and being able to be of value to someone, wow… that feeling is so AMAZING.

Now here’s the part I know you have been waiting for… and why you have been reading this …



How do YOU implement Attraction Marketing into your world.

1.) Ask yourself this question: Who do I enjoy working with the most? This was a profound question that Ray Higdon had me ask myself and honestly, it took me a while and a lot of thought to figure out who my target market was.    If you try to attract everyone, it just doesn’t work.  We are all so unique and special, and you always want to be YOU.  So why not work your business in a way that has you feel Love and Passion.  Otherwise it gets confusing.   So Figure out who you like to work with the most and then….

2.) Really think about the type of person that the person you want to work with would be attracted to. I like to work with loving and nurturing and warm people. That’s why when you come to my website it’s all about the LOVE. This will attract people who love to be a non-pushy leader, who like to help their team without grand expectations and it definitely repels those who want to partner with someone who has a more cut throat, cold demeanor.

3.) What types of problems can you solve for your target market? Although some think this is the case, in order to attract the right people, you don’t need to brag or talk much about yourself. Why? Because your prospects and the people whom you are trying to market to don’t really care about YOU. They care about themselves. Try starting to post articles or write posts solving their problems. Make it about THEM and THEIR needs.  Add value to their world.

Shift your perspective and when you are talking to others, Start by asking questions. By finding out what it is that someone is missing in their life, you will be better able to know if you could help their needs.

Remember, we are not the one who decides what someone needs.  This is why we must see how we could be of most value to them… Find out what THEY need!

Truly care about those you speak with, Truly care about what they need in their lives.

Your goal should be to enrich those around you with valuable information that could help them.

The last thoughts I want to leave you with this evening are:

Be authentic.

Believe in your products and opportunity.

Communicate and connect Consistently.

And just be YOU!

And please, for my sanity and those who follow you on facebook… Please PLEASE PLEASE stop the  spamming….




Are you struggling with your business? Trying to find how to effectively embrace and implement Attraction Marketing but just don’t know where to begin? If you would like to learn more about what I am using to become the best Leader possible and promote my brand (ME!!) I urge you to give this system a try. Click Here for your life changing Trial

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  1. Jamie on September 25, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Do you think it’s better to post to your personal fb page or make a business page and add people? I’ve heard people doing that to keep their personal page semi post free but I’ve also heard people say “if I get added to one more group, I’m gonna…”

    • Simone Pardorla on September 25, 2016 at 12:05 pm

      That is an excellent question Jamie! It’s a little more in depth and I want to be sure to answer all of your questions. Can you connect with me on facebook and we can chat there!

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